Cute Meows and Creamy Milk ♡

Cute Meows and Creamy Milk ♡

There's no way this could not be cute.

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Meow, I Love My Milk ♡


This little kitten is still only two-weeks old.
The owners found him in their parking lot soon after birth, and they've been taking care of him ever since.


If not for the love of his owners, this kitten's life could have been in danger.
But it looks like he's found his home and his favorite milk ♡

The little kitten drinks up his milk, and...

Growing Up ♡


...and steadily grew up to become an even cuter kitten ♡


Look at those sparkly, perky eyes!!

This one's going to be one curious cat (=^・ω・^=)

Can't wait for this cat to keep on growing up!!

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